Nakano Sports Community Plaza




2024年05月03日:室内プール利用の際の注意事項(Precautions for using the indoor pool)












Please read this guide to using the indoor pool at the Nanbu Sports Community Plaza, and check the conditions that require a parent or guardian to accompany the child and other precautions before visiting the facility.

●Business hours: 10:00 - 21:50 (differs from the facility's business hours)

●No sales or rentals are available. Swimsuits, swimming caps, and towels are required.

●No diapers are allowed.

●No boats, floats, or fins are allowed. However, arm helpers may be brought in.

●Parental accompaniment is required for children up to the third grade of elementary school. Please refer to the attached document.

●There are restrictions on the use of smartwatches. Please refer to the attached document.

●Elementary school students and older may not enter the locker rooms of the opposite sex, even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

●Soap and shampoo are not allowed in the shower rooms.

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